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For a decade, I drank wine without really knowing what I was drinking. I always loved it, but so much of it was hit and miss.

I knew, for example, I liked Cote du Rhone because I’d once had a good one. Yet again and again, whenever I bought new ones, they were never as good.

I was fed up of not knowing what to look for when in a supermarket or in a restaurant.

So I took a wine course and earned a qualification in wine. Soon friends were asking for recommendations.

And that’s when Josh’s Wine List was born.

It’s a weekly newsletter where I review wines I’ve been drinking and offer bitesize lessons to help you understand what wine you’re buying.

It’s free. It goes out every Tuesday at 8am. And the Evening Standard even named it one of the top 5 essential newsletters.

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An introduction to English Wine

A six-part podcast series

In 2018, England experienced its hottest summer since 1976. Unlike 40 years ago, however, the winemaking capabilities in England and Wales are at an all-time high. 2018 is the harvest of a century for English wine.

That’s why over the summer, I set off on an adventure to meet some of the winemakers who were a part of it. I interviewed people from Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, the South West and East Anglia.

An introduction to English Wine is a podcast series documenting that adventure.